Profile: Asset Managers with a Personal Touch

  • Mirelis Advisors S.A. is a privately owned Swiss-based wealth management company founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 2011 and a member of the Mirelis Financial Group of companies established in 1949.
  • Its purpose is to offer financial advice and portfolio asset management services to North-American investors, in the US and Canada, who wish to have a Swiss-based institution manage their assets.
  • Investments in compliant global assets are used to construct a diversified balanced portfolio tailored to the investor’s specific individual requirements.
  • Investors’ assets are deposited with international banks serving as qualified custodians.
  • An association based on trust with the investor is the prerequisite for successful investments. Mirelis Advisors seeks to perpetuate the capabilities of the Mirelis Financial Group in serving its North-American clientele with a high standard of quality coupled with strong and active personal relationships. It is committed to an environment of trust and long-term relationships that have characterized the Mirelis Financial Group for over 60 years.


Registration with the US SEC, the Canadian OSC and AMF do not imply a certain level of competence, education, skill or training.
The protections of the US and Canadian rules and regulations are only available to residents of each country, province or territory.

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